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Case for Support

Elevate Your Charity’s Mission with a Compelling Case for Support

A strong case for support is foundational to a healthy fundraising program.  A good case clarifies answers to questions most frequently asked by savvy donors and conveys a compelling reason to invest in your nonprofit solutions. Case statements prepared by Fordable Fundraising are comprehensive enough to support the completion of grant applications and the content can be purposed for fundraising campaigns, awareness building and marketing.  The case for support takes approximately six weeks to complete.


With our comprehensive case for support, your charity will benefit from a better message that resonates deeply with your current and future supporters. Our dedicated writing team will work with you to gather information, prepare a writing plan and conduct a message strategy session to clarify the program design. A literature review will be completed to substantiate the need, and we will conduct interviews with your program leaders or subject matter experts to confirm and clarify information. And with two rounds of review and edit, you can be confident that your case for support is polished and ready to make an impact.



Prospect Search

Prospect Search

Unleash The Power of Data Prospecting for Your Fundraising Needs with Prospect Search

By targeting potential donors with precision, you can significantly boost donation rates and achieve your fundraising goals faster than ever before! With our expert research skills, we confirm your search criteria and conduct an exhaustive research using the most powerful data prospecting tools available.

Our team identifies new sources and evaluates existing ones for upgrade. The digital report we provide includes comprehensive source profiles to help you maximize time and efforts on your fundraising journey. By targeting potential donors with precision, you can significantly boost donation rates and achieve your fundraising goals faster than ever before! Prospect search can be completed in 10 business days.

Let us help you find those people who will care most about your mission! 

Government Grant Writing

Government Grant Writing

Secure Government Grants with Ease – Let Our Professionals Do the Work

Say goodbye to the hassle of applying for government grants with our specialized grant writing team. Our team will handle all the technical aspects of the application process, from developing a grant submission plan to completing the final submission. You can trust our expertise in thoroughly reviewing Request for Proposal, attending technical assistance trainings, developing narratives, budgets, and attachments, and managing all the necessary documents and files. With our assistance, you can easily secure government grants without the stress and complexity of the application process.

Fordable Fundraising offers project rates for government grant projects. Please request a consultation to discuss how we can assist you with your government grant project. 

Grant Ready

Grant Ready

Never Miss a Grant Deadline Again with Grant Ready Services

Say goodbye to missed grant application deadlines and hello to funding success with Grant Ready Services. Our effective system for managing high volume grant writing shops ensures that you’ll never miss a deadline again. With our proven tracking tool, you’ll be able to easily manage and keep track of all your submitted and pending sources. Plus, our document and file system setup helps keep you organized and focused on what matters most: securing the funding you need to make a difference. With Grant Ready, you can confidently manage your grants and focus on achieving your nonprofit’s goals.

Training Services

Fundraising Assessment

Get a Full Picture of Your Organization’s Fundraising Health with Our 90-Minute Assessment

With our fundraising assessment, you’ll gain the confidence and knowledge you need to make informed decisions about your fundraising resources. Our assessment evaluates your organization’s culture, strategy, case for support, stakeholder development, leadership, and donor relations to identify strengths, weaknesses, and recommendations.

By understanding your organization’s overall fundraising health, you’ll be able to prioritize and allocate your resources more effectively, leading to more successful fundraising campaigns and ultimately more impact for your cause. Request a consultation to learn more.

Fundraising Explorer Training

Fundraising Explorer

Unlock the Secrets of Successful Fundraising with Fundraising Explorer

With Fundraising Explorer, you’ll get access to expert-level guidance and instruction in critical fundraising topics that will help you raise more funds and achieve your goals more effectively. This means you can finally take your fundraising efforts to the next level and make a real impact on your organization’s success. With one on one sessions with a fundraising expert held twice a month, you’ll have the personalized guidance and support you need to succeed. Choose the 8 week or 20 week option and get ready to see your fundraising results soar! Request a free consultation to learn more. 


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