Fundraising Assessment

Clarity to Save You Time and Money

Fundraising Assessment

Are you ready to improve your fundraising results but aren’t sure where to start? Our fundraising assessment shines light on how to best prioritize energy for improved fundraising results. You are not alone. It is safe to say most, if not all nonprofit leaders want to see improved or enhanced fundraising. After all, your success in resource gathering is a strong indicator on how well you can deliver on the mission.

The assessment also serves as a diagnostic tool for services, ensuring our services are relevant and needed.    


Fordable Fundraising’s interview assessment evaluates capabilities in the following areas:

  1. Culture 
  2. Strategy 
  3. Key Messaging
  4. Leadership 
  5. Stakeholder Development 
  6. Donor Relations

It includes:

  • 90-minute interview session with key leader(s)
  • Five point scale scoring ranging from awareness to expert level
  • Custom report that highlights your nonprofit’s strengths, weaknesses, and recommended actions for greater success in fundraising 


  • Fundraising insights
  • Clarity of need areas among expanded leadership team
  • Specific and actionable takeaways
  • Avoid pain and anguish of trial and error fundraising
  • 50% rebate on assessment fee with new service agreement



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