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Fundraising Assessment


Get Ready to Raise More for
Your Mission

Whether you are just starting out or have offered services in the community for many years, you WANT more money for bigger mission impact.

If you are like many leaders, you’re caught in a familiar pattern of discussing how to get better at fundraising. Unfortunately, the only thing that’s getting better or growing is your team’s frustration.

Sustainability is what you want, it’s what donors want and it is what your mission needs and deserves.

Imagine the difference you could make if you doubled your resources.

We’ve worked with many leaders and have found they share something in common, they are unclear on how to improve fundraising. This is why we developed our Fundraising Capability Assessment. The assessment will evaluate your organization’s fundraising in six key areas.

Like an engine, if one or more areas aren’t firing, it reduces efficiency and results. By aligning weak areas with known best practice, all evidence points to improved results.

The Fundraising Capability Assessment is conducted with one or more of your key leaders via 90-minute interview. The assessment is scored using a five point rating system with a custom report prepared highlighting strengths, weaknesses and providing recommended improvements.

Cost: $295

“Fordable’s assessment has been so helpful! The report has provided me with a clear path to set up a solid foundation for my nonprofit”

Lynn Twork
Executive Director
KOTG Family and Youth Services


Key Messaging

Stakeholder Engagement



Donor Relations

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