Grant Writing is Hard.

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Grant Writing

Save time, money and increase focus on what truly matters in fundraising, community relationships. 

Our Approach

Let our team of professionals take care of all your grant writing needs. With our affordable alternative to an in-house grant writer, you can improve grant management and win awards. The first year, we work with you to build out our Grant Seeking System then support your annual grant writing needs from start to finish. Services include: 


  • Dedicated and professional account team
  • Shared grant maker knowledge and support with grant strategy
  • Support with 30 to 100+ proposals or grant reports
  • Ongoing support and collaboration
  • Submission schedule management
  • Digital file and online account management

To qualify for grant writing services, organizations must meet the following requirements:

  • 501c3 nonprofit organization offering solutions in health and human service, education or arts/culture  
  • Preparing and submitting a minimum of 30 foundation/corporate proposals and reports/year 
  • Financial management activities include cost allocation and board approved annual and program budgets 
  • Active communication and meetings with current and potential donors via email, phone, and in-person
  • Program solutions have identified impact measures and data is collected to verify and communicate impact post grant award
  • Adherence to state required charitable solicitation requirements. Find your state requirements
Return On Investment

In 2022, for every $1.00 invested in our services, nonprofits received an average $2.78 in return.

What is your success rate?

Fordable Fundraising has a solid track record of success. From 2014-2022, we helped our nonprofits secure 670 grant awards totaling $59 Million. 

Credibility, sustainability, measurable results and relationship building are the biggest factors playing into fundraising success. Grant writing success varies from organization to organization.


Do you have a specialty area?

Nonprofit solutions can be complex and each cause comes with their own language. Our writers are fluent in the languages of education, a variety of health and human services, and arts and culture solutions.

This includes submissions to private foundations, corporations, and government (federal, state, local). 

How do you charge to write a grant? Do you work on commission?

We offer competitive proposal and project rates. Request amount is not a factor in pricing rather the time it takes us to assemble the information and prepare a competitive response.

It is a common misconception grant writers get paid on commission. This is considered unethical by all charity watchdogs and professional associations. Read more about it here: “Why I Never Work for a Percentage and Why You Shouldn’t Offer”.

My nonprofit is a startup; can you help me?

As a general rule, grant makers invest in nonprofit organizations who have operating history with their programs and can demonstrate impact. Many have policies to restrict applications from charities with less than 2 years of operating history.

Remember, all charities were once a start up! Get prepared for your future in grants by investing time and energy in board development, organization planning, collaborative partnerships and measuring the success of your programs.

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