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Finding a grant writer with the right expertise and experience can be difficult. On top of this, many nonprofits simply don’t have an adequate program or system in place to support success. Our team of professionals improves the sustainability of your grant writing program and works alongside you to prepare grant applications and post award reports.

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System Development: During the first eight weeks, we strengthen the foundation of your fundraising and grant management, ensuring you are well-prepared to secure vital funding.

Experience: With years of grant writing experience, a wealth of knowledge, strong research skills, our team helps you stand out to funders. By collaborating closely with your team, we ensure that deadlines and compliance requirements are met.

Collaborative: Experience our collaborative team approach as we work closely with you to craft compelling grant applications that resonate with funders.

Submission Management: Let us handle the submission schedules, our team ensures grant applications are submitted on time and in compliance with funder requirements, so you can focus on your mission.

Grant Management: Easily access and manage all your grant-related documents online, streamlining the process and keeping everything organized for efficient grant management



Increase Funding Success: Benefit from expert guidance to improve funding success, our team can help you retain, upgrade and secure new funding.

Time Savings: Save time. Spend more time on relationship building knowing your grant writing needs are being taken care of by professionals.

Access to Opportunities: Gain access to more funding opportunities and networks and expand your reach and potential for funding.

Capacity Building: Improve the  professionalism and consistency of your key messages, making a stronger impression on funders.

Avoid Turnover Hassles: By outsourcing your grant writing needs, you can avoid the hassles of turnover, ensuring continuity and consistency in grant writing efforts.

Error Reduction: Reduce errors and improve the quality of your grant applications, increasing odds of award.

Fundraising Boost: Boost your fundraising efforts and reach your goals, making a greater impact in your community.


To qualify for annual grant writing services, organizations must meet the following requirements:

  • 501c3 nonprofit organization offering solutions in health and human service, education or arts/culture  
  • Preparing and submitting a minimum of 30 foundation/corporate proposals or reports each year
  • Financial management must include cost allocation and board approved budgets 
  • Requires active communication and meetings with current and potential donors via email, phone, and in-person
  • Must have experience tracking  program outcomes and data/stories to verify success
  • Must be in adherence to state required charitable solicitation requirements. Find your state requirements

Cause Areas

Fordable Fundraising addresses the grant writing needs for programs and initiatives in education, health and human services, and arts and culture.


We offer annual and multi-year agreements allowing you to budget effectively and make informed decisions. Rates are calculated based on what it takes to prepare and assemble applications and do not factor in request amount.

Payment Options

Fordable Fundraising offers pay in full discounts or easy installment plans.

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