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Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts

For over 30 years, Fresh Start Surgical Gifts has provided charitable facial reconstruction surgery to children around the world, helping children boost their self-esteem, their confidence, and be the best they can be. 

Fordable Fundraising was hired by Fresh Start Surgical Gifts in 2018 to identify potential new supporters and clarify key messaging with a case for support. Current Chief Development Officer Michelle Pius was seeking an efficient way to support grant writing for annual giving and help the organization be more efficient with retaining and securing gifts from foundations. The team evaluated all aspects of the Fresh Start Surgical Gifts mission, services and service impact and compiled them into a central location to be referenced as needed. This efficiency boosted the charities ability to hit the ground running. The time saved with grant writing, combined with the list of new funding sources identified through prospect search, allowed Michelle time to focus on creating connections and building relationships with funders and the community. 

Eventually, Fresh Start was able to hire a grant writer and the case for support allowed them to get up to speed quickly.  Today, the case for support continues to support fundraising efficiency with the grant writer delegating grant applications to an intern, freeing up even more staff time. Michelle and her team at Fresh Start Surgical Gifts are now able to raise more money with less stress. 

“If you don’t have the bandwidth or the financial resources to hire or manage a grant writer, then contracting it out to a consultant is a great option for best return on investment,” Michelle shared. “You want someone that’s been in the business and this is what they do all day.”