Want to Reach Peak Performance in Fundraising?



Fordable Fundraising offers full service support for all of your grant writing needs. Our Grant Writers understand how grant makers think and know what they are looking for in applications and are committed to excellence. Once the development and implementation of the grant system is complete,  writers prepare and submit proposals in collaboration with you.


  • Submission schedule management
  • Completion of letters of inquiry, grant proposals and/or post-award grant reports
  • Semi-monthly collaboration meetings with your team
  • Continual update to the case for support 
  • Set-up and maintenance of online application accounts
  • All grant record keeping
  • Fees determined by proposal volume 


  • Donor retention and increased giving  
  • More time and energy for relationship building 
  • Excellent return on investment 
  • Less expensive than in-house grant writer

Fordable Fundraising can also assist with your large government grant projects. On average, government applications take 5 times the effort of other grant applications, but when done right, funding can accelerate your mission, creating positive change for the people and communities you serve.  Our government grant writers are expert level having helped nonprofits secure millions from government sources. 


  • Proposal preparation for new or renewing city, county, state, or federal sources
  • End to end project management from program design to approval and grant submission
  • Technical assistance provided on program design and grant management 
  • Project based fees determined through review of application requirements 


  • New or renewed funding from government sources  
  • Excellent return on investment 
  • Increased time to support stakeholder development and program design 
  • Peace of mind knowing the application is supported by experts 

My nonprofit is a startup; can you help me?

There are very few grants for startup nonprofits and many grant makers have policies in place to only accept applications from charities with two years of operation.  Grant makers invest in nonprofits with promising solutions. To get ready for grants, focus on planning, developing collaborations and measuring your success. Remember, all charities were once a start up. 

How do you charge to write a grant? Do you work on commission?

We offer competitive proposal and project rates. Our rates do not factor in request amounts. 

It is a common misconception that grant writers or fundraisers get paid on commission. This is considered unethical by all charity watchdogs and professional associations. Read more about it here: “Why I Never Work for a Percentage and Why You Shouldn’t Offer”.

Do you have a specialty area?

We are experts in crafting proposals to government (federal, state, city), private foundations, and corporations. Our experience is greatest with health and human services, education and arts and culture.

What is your success rate?

There are many factors that play into the success of a grant proposal and most are tied to the overall health of your organization. For this reason, the rate of our application success isn’t going to tell you how awesome we are at grant writing. Grant writing can be super technical, and some proposals are extremely difficult. We know what it takes to get results and have a strong track record to prove it.

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