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Get ready to grow with stress-free, award winning grants, crafted by experts who understand how donors think and know what they want.  Since 2014, our nonprofits have harvested more than $30 million dollars for their charitable missions.


Grant Writing
Government grant writing can be tedious, however working with Janeal is a joy! She’s a visionary that sees the possibilities and helps us craft them into realities. Janeal is a tenacious spirit that keeps our team on track – she dives into a complicated RFP and simplifies it so that we can all do our best to provide her with program details that she turns into an award-winning grants. I’ve known Janeal for several years and have had the opportunity to work closely with her on a variety of projects during that time. She’s always available for brainstorming, provides me with ideas and opportunities to improve our programs, and more importantly [improve] our overall fundraising strategy.  Janeal’s an integral part of our development team and I love her positive outlook on work and life!”
Cathleen Sparrow

Chief Development Officer, Volunteers of America, Utah

Grant Writing Services

Alleviate frustration and sleep better at night using our expert level grant writers

If your nonprofit is preparing dozens, if not hundreds of applications annually, you know how critical the grant writer is to your fundraising program. With the current industry shortage,  it can be difficult to find a skilled writer when  positions turns over or to grow your team.


• Expert Level Grant Writing to Foundation, Corporation and Government sources 
• Ongoing Consultation & Service Coordination
• Custom Proposal Development
• Submission Schedule and File Management
• Post Award Report Preparation
• Case Statement & Prospect Search Included
• Annual Agreement Or Project Rates

Frequently Asked Questions 

My nonprofit or business is a startup; can you help me?

There are very few grants available for starting a business or for startup nonprofits. Grant seeking is not a recommended approach for startup nonprofits because grant makers invest in charities with established programming and consistent income. All nonprofits were startups, keep at it, you can get there! Here is something to help.

How do you charge to write a grant? Do you work on commission?

We offer competitive hourly rates. Our rates are determined by the amount of work it takes to assemble the proposal and does not factor in any request amount.

It is a common misconception that grant writers or fundraisers get paid on commission, but it is considered unethical by all charity watchdogs and professional associations. Read more about it here: “Why I Never Work for a Percentage and Why You Shouldn’t Offer”.

Do you have a specialty area?

We are experts in crafting proposals to government (federal, state, city), private foundations, and corporations. Our experience is greatest with health and human services, education and arts and culture.

What is your success rate?

There are many factors that play into the success of a grant proposal, most relate directly to the overall health and wellbeing of the charity. For this reason, the rate of our application success isn’t going to tell you how awesome we are at grant writing. Grant writing can be super technical, and some proposals are extremely difficult. We know what it takes to get results. Since 2015, we have prepared more than 340 proposals and secured $27.5 Million in funding for our nonprofit clients.

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