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Nonprofit Adventures guides mission driven leaders through the twists and turns of operating a nonprofit organization, providing the tools needed for peak mission impact.  The initative supports leader connection, collaboration and delivers online education/training. 

“Janeal blew me (and the audience) away. It is easy to see and hear the passion she has for helping nonprofits get the money they need to make a difference in their mission. She does not only have a great heart to make a difference but has a tremendous sense of humor. She is so great to work with and pulls no punches. I love all of these things about Janeal.”
Lynda West

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Nonprofit Adventures Fundraising Guide

Tone: Inspirational and Educational
Audience: Board, founder, and new to fundraising
This introductory course in fundraising will reveal the secrets of successful fundraising and help you move from nervousness about asking to full confidence in knowing how and feeling good about engaging in the fundraising process. Key messages can be provided in 45 minutes for board education or structured as a more in-depth training, up to 4 hours.

Nonprofit Adventures Grant Writing Guide

Tone: Educational and practical
Audience: Volunteers and staff new to grant writing
Move from frustration at receiving a stream of rejection letters to more funding to support your charity’s mission. The Adventure Guide to Grant Seeking is a crash course in grant writing that unlocks how you too can hear ‘yes’ on your next proposal. Learn how to identify the best sources, understand what motivates grant makers to give, and learn how to craft a knock-out proposal. Key topics can be provided in as few as two hours and up to eight.

Custom Training


Don’t see what you are looking for? Let us customize a training session to meet your specific needs.

Sample List of Past
Speaking Engagements:

•  Canyon Creek Services
•  Casa de Amparo
•  Classics 4 Kids
•  Collective Impact Center
•  Dixie State University
•  Events with Benefits
•  Grant Writing Specialists
•  Hera Hub
•  San Diego Community College District
•  San Diego County Resident Services
•  San Diego Writers Ink
•  St. George Chamber Training Series
•  Utah Nonprofits Association
•  Utah NAHRO Conference