I am over the moon excited to announce the marriage of my daughter Cassandra on February 15, 2019! Family and friends gathered in the sunshine to see Cassie and Gavin Clark marry on Baby Beach in Kauai, Hawaii!  

Their love story began a decade ago at the Academy for Math, Engineering and Science, a charter school in Salt Lake City. Cassie, a senior, was enjoying a peanut butter shake at lunch when Gavin, a junior, asked her if he could have a taste. Boisterous and hungry Gavin then drank the whole thing!

Despite this ‘shaky’ beginning, their relationship grew over a semester of shared physics and art classes. They realized that they shared more than a love of peanut butter shakes, and the two started dating.

2007: Cassie and Gavin attending prom

They were inseparable in high school but suffered the same pressures that many high school romances do once college starts. The distance between college and home after graduation forced the two apart, though they remained distant friends. Then, two years ago, the heavens aligned, and they renewed their love connection.

They make a great couple, and it gives me much happiness to see them together. Gavin likes Cassie’s spaghetti and Cassie likes Gavin’s fancy popcorn with cheese. He likes to watch movies and she likes to attend shows. He is candid, she is prudent. Together, they push each other to be better people or, as Rocky Balboa would say, “I got gaps; you got gaps; we fill each other’s gaps.”

Mr. and Mrs. Clark, February 15, 2019

This month’s blog post is about nonprofit collaboration which is very similar to a marriage between two people. As a single organization you will never be able to address every need in the community. Your ability to achieve the charity’s mission is tied to your ability to think bigger and play on a team.  The better you get at collaboration, the better you will be at achieving your charitable mission. And the better we are at choosing people who fill our gaps, the better our life becomes.

Congratulations to Cassie and Gavin! May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!


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